Re-Experience The Memorial

If you were unable to watch the memorial honoring the life of Hari Simran Singh Khalsa, you can watch the complete video that was originally live streamed as well as some video clips of friends and family who shared.

Full Un-Edited Video

Family Sharing…

Friends Sharing…

Later in the evening at the end of Kirtan


You can also see more pictures, videos and other related news on Facebook

Cremation TOMORROW At 2 pm EST

Sat Naam and many blessings.

At 2 pm EST tomorrow, Tuesday Jan. 6th, the body of Hari Simran Singh Khalsa will be cremated according to Sikh practices and rites. The family would like to invite the global community to participate in prayer during this time.

In 1978, Yogi Bhajan taught a beautiful Kundalini Yoga meditation to be practiced during the time of cremation of a great sage. We invite our global community who may not know the Sikh prayers that are recited during a cremation to practice this meditation during the period that the cremation is happening. That meditation is attached for you. Meditation at Time of Cremation

For those who prefer to participate during this time by reciting the traditional Sikh prayers, the protocol is, when the cremation begins, to recite Japji Sahib, then to recite Kirtan Sohila. And continue alternating between Japji Sahib and Kirtan Sohila until the cremation is complete. Go to this link if you would like to download these prayers.

However you chose to participate in prayer with the family during the cremation, it will be of great support to the community and especially to the family as we release Hari Simran Singh’s body back to the elements from which it came.

The Memorial Service is planned to start at the Raj Khalsa Gurdwara in Sterling, Virginia, today Monday Jan. 5th at 3 pm EST. Please join with us during this service by viewing it online at:

Thank you for your continued love and support during this time. May the Guru bless all of us as we support Hari Simran Singh on his journey home.

Press Release ( Jan 4th)

Press Release

January 4, 2015

Shabd Singh Khalsa
Phone: (703) 340-5030

Prabhjit Singh
(202) 660-8666

Memorial Service for Sikh American Found in the Mountains of Mexico Will Be Held Monday Jan 5th

Memorial To Be Broadcast Via Live-Stream

Memorial services for Hari Simran Singh Khalsa, the 25 year old Sikh-American who died hiking in the mountains of Tepoztlán, Mexico, will take place at 3 pm EST on Monday, January 5th at the Raj Khalsa Gurdwara ( in Sterling, VA.

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Schedule of Memorial Events for Hari Simran Singh

The cremation of Hari Simran Singh’s body will take place at 2 pm EST Tuesday Jan. 6th. Please pray with us.

We welcome everyone and look forward to serving you.  Many of the events are happening at Raj Khalsa Gurdwara. The main memorial is planned to be live streamed online. The memorial is open to all, but if you plan on attending, please RSVP to give us an idea of the number of people to plan for. Kindly click here to RSVP
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Outpourings of love from all over the globe

We’ve seen outpourings of love from all over the globe. If you are hosting a memorial or vigil for Hari Simran…please share the information here so that people can find a group to pray with. Sangat was such an important part of his life. Let his legacy be one of prayer, service, togetherness, and most of all love.
Hari Simran brought us all together these last four days. He reminded us to love life and each other. As we tune in tonight with communities such as Espanola, Herndon, Vancouver, Los Angeles and many others who are coming together for Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur, the miracle mantra, we wonder if perhaps the true miracle that has come from all of this is the LOVE. Thank you Hari Simran. We miss you. And above all, we love you. #findharisimran10683641_10152479148702003_2889200272505633606_o

Hari Simran’s funeral will be Monday, Jan 5th 2015 in Virginia. We will keep you updated when we are clear on the time and place.

The family is now dealing with the legal aspect of bringing Hari Simran’s remains back to Virginia to be cremated. We will update you with information about memorial services as it becomes available. Thank you for all your support.

Please chant the Akal with us the honor our dear friend Hari Simran and comfort his beautiful family.

We Love You Hari Simran

It is with heavy hearts that we announce that Hari Simran has been found.  He appears to have fallen while hiking and sustained a fatal injury to the head.  We believe he passed instantly and did not suffer.  His family and friends are making the proper arrangements in Mexico.  There will be a memorial vigil tonight in Virginia.  Please send your love to his family, friends and our entire community and pray with his family tonight. Thank you to everyone – the local and national governments of Mexico, the United States Embassy, the Red Cross, all the volunteers, the media, and all of you for helping us #findharisimran.  This journey has been a testament to the enormous amount of love and goodness he shared with us all during his time on earth.  His last picture said ‘Looking down on you.’ We know he is an angel in the heavens now looking down on all of us.

We love you, Hari Simran Continue reading We Love You Hari Simran

Press Release

January 2, 2015 4:00 PM MST

Shabd Singh Khalsa
Media Point of Contact for Search Team of Hari Simran Khalsa
(Currently in Mexico on site)
Phone: 703-340-5030

Prabhjit Singh
U.S. Based Contact
(202) 660-8666

Young Sikh American Dies in The Mountains of Mexico
Memorial Vigils Will Be Held Tonight

Jan 2, 2014. A frantic 4-day search for Hari Simran Singh Khalsa in the mountains around Tepoztlán, Mexico ended Friday when rescue teams found his lifeless body. Continue reading Press Release

Live Updates – Información en Vivo

Check this page for live updates of the situation. We will do our best to post updates every half hour.

*** (Encuentra debajo de los asteriscos traducción en Español)

Revisa esta página para informarte de las últimas noticas de la situación. Haremos todo lo posible por actualizar cada media hora. Continue reading Live Updates – Información en Vivo

Morning Search – New Year’s Morning / La Mañana de Año Nuevo

* Español abajo

150 local police showed up this morning with the Morelos Chief of Police.  We are so grateful to Jai Hari Singh and Ardass for helping connect us to bring in these officers.

They brought search dogs! We´ve been really praying for dogs.

The Red Cross also came this morning with a few teams.

The Proteccion Civil continue to amaze us with their dedication and service. Helicopters are back.

We have about 25 local climbers who know these mountains that are helping take the teams of police into the mountains. Continue reading Morning Search – New Year’s Morning / La Mañana de Año Nuevo

Tomorrow’s Plan 01/01/2015

5:30 AM A team of skilled mountaineers are heading out with climbing gear to search in the hard to find spots

7:30 AM Local police are organizing a team of 150 people to continue the search.

Also a special unit of the Red Cross will be joining the search in the AM.

We would greatly appreciate if anyone familiar with the area could join in the search. We will meet at the soccer field in the south of Tepoz.

We also have a promising lead that someone saw a long blue cloth dangling, and someone yelling Ayuda, help. We will begin the search there.

Please Facebook Nirmal Khalsa of Mexico to join the search

6:30pm 12/31/2014 Update

It is just about dusk here. I don’t think any of us imagined Hari Simran would be spending another long dark night in the mountains.

Here’s what happened today. Three search parties from Tepoztlan civil protection began searching the area at first light. As far as we know they are still out there searching and will continue until they have to turn back for safety.

We have been unsuccessful getting the GPS data from his cell phone but someone did create this map for us :

We organized three helicopter searches that did not turn up anything helpful.

Civil Protection sent 3 teams of five in a circular pattern around the mountain. Two of three main paths have been search. We will search the third tomorrow.

Several teams of friends and family have also been searching the area.

There are many caves and cliff he could be hiding in or under.

At this time we are assuming he is injured and unable to walk, or possibly trapped.

There are 3 main ways up the mountain.  Two of them have been searched extensively. One path remains.

Urgent Help Needed – Ayuda Urgente

Help us take the search to the next level. We need better resources to find Hari Simran. Our team has to hike 4 hours just to get to the starting point of the search. We need helicopters that can drop them in so they don’t start the search exhausted. We need infrared equipment so we can keep searching when the sun sets. We are determined to #findharisimran – we just need the tools and some grace. Thank You!  CLICK HERE TO DONATE


Ayúdanos a llevar la búsqueda a otro nivel. Necesitamos mejores recursos para encontrar a Hari Simran. Nuestro equipo tiene que hacer una caminata por la montaña de 4 horas solo para llegar al punto de partida de la búsqueda. Necesitamos helicópteros que puedan transportarlos. Necesitamos equipo infrarrojo para continuar buscando cuando el Sol baja. Estamos determinados a encontrar a Hari Simran #findharisimran – Solo necesitamos las herramientas y algo de gracia. Gracias! HAZ CLICK AQUÍ PARA DONAR

Missing Since 12/30 at 2:20pm

Hari Simran’s last know location. He is pointing to the Sat Nam Fest Mexico site.

Yesterday Hari Simran Singh Khalsa, of Leesburg, VA + Brooklyn, NY, left the Sat Nam Fest Mexico site it Tepoztlan, Mexico to go for a short day hike (3-4 hrs). He left the site between 11:00 & 11:30am. At 12:30 he send me this photo with the message “Looking down on you!”

The next message I received at 2:20pm said “I accidentally summited another mountain. Looks like I’ll be a little later coming back :). Save me some lunch if you can” 

When I hadn’t heard from him by 4pm, I started texting and calling. At dark we started looking into tracing the GPS in his iPhone. He did not have Find My Phone enabled & there was no information we could get without a court order, or a missing persons report (which we can’t file until he’s been gone 72 hours.)

He was dressed in a white t-shirt with tan shorts. He had a liter of water, a handful of trail mix & a sharp knife.